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Happy Canada D’eh!

Happy Canada Day everyone! Be safe, have fun and respect our beautiful land.

.. and in the meantime, hope you enjoy my Canada Day window for Bluenotes – mocking all those stereotypes aboot us Canucks, eh?

Canada Day Window Display Bluenotes

Fall’14 Photoshoot: Happening NOW!

We’re currently on set shooting our Fall 2014 Bluenotes campaign. Shot by the ever talented Christa Renee at Brickworks, a collection of deteriorating heritage buildings transformed into a global showcase for green design and urban sustainability.

Here’s a sneak!

Fall 2014 photoshoot campaign

The beauties of NYC

I recently had a chance to visit the ever-beautiful New York City for the sole purpose of searching out the beauties that reside in it.

My day lasted 20 hours, full of chaos and commotion – but truly my only complaint was I couldn’t find a second to shop. I had the pleasure of visiting our friends at Ford Models, Next, Q Management and Wilhelmina, and there was definitely no shortness of beauties.

I’m hopeful we’ll use some of my favorites for our Fall’14 campaign. I guess time will tell!
New York City Casting

Fuze goes Bang!

Friday the 13th (of June) held a semi-annual event that myself and my team rather not miss. Fuze Reps are known to throw fun and unique industry parties, where you eat turkey legs and drink peculiar concoctions, all while looking at colour-rich art and listening to DJ’s spinning. This one was held in the alleyway of Honest Ed’s. Good times always Fuze!

Fuze goes Bang industry party

Pinwheel colour-pop

Finding the inspiration for a pinwheel window online, I decided to recreate it at our Yorkdale Mall location. It took 6 hours to cut, create and hang, but the vibrance it told was worth it.

Pinwheel summer window display

Blue Jeans Baby

Concept and creative execution of window design.

Window display design.


Menuboard and cling.

Unused cling concepts.

Clearing out Spring

Who said a clearance sale had to be stale?! Here’s a fun little emailer I just designed for Bluenotes: nice & bright, what a delight… right?


Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter! … and remember, some of the candies left by the Easter Bunny are not black jelly beans.


We are shorts, shorty.

Because this year we decided not to hold a summer photoshoot, we are challenged to build product focused windows WHICH I LOVE! In this day and age, I feel settling with the standard campaign poster + cling + mannequins is kind of passé and I love the challenge of building a window from scratch (obviously keeping budget restraints in mind)!

Here are a couple of my concepts. Have a favourite?


Window 1.
Shorts hung on sunction cups filling entire window front. Lifestyle poster backdrop with a grainy, washed out vibrancy of landscape summer shots.

Window 2.
Real wood or poster backdrop with shorts hung on fishing line in front of wooden texture. Mannequins and clings lining the foreground.

April showers…

After what has felt like years of chilled anticipation, spring has finally arrived and you can see it in mall windows everywhere! As part of our spring refresh, here is our ‘spring dresses’ and ‘cropped jeans’ window design, found at any Bluenotes location NOW! For the love of florals…


Spring ’14 – Miami Vice

I know I took these concepts to a new level when it comes to tacky Miami Vice amazement, but I am actually quite sad they weren’t chosen for the launch of our spring campaign. A little over-the-top I guess?

Recap: The Philippines.

This January I traveled across the world to southeastern Asia to explore the beautiful country of Philippines. The country, made up of over 7000 islands, is so diverse and caters to every type of person. Manila is a city of unconstructed chaos, traffic jams like nowhere I’ve ever seen, no road rules, restaurants at every corner, malls galore. Makati, a part of Manila features modern skyscrapers and Greenbelt, a shopping centre that resembles The Grove in Los Angeles. On the contrary, Palawan and surrounding islands are still remotely untouched to the thousands of travelers that I’m sure, in the next 10 years will turn it into the next tourist-packed Boracay. The beaches in Palawan are striking with sun-kissed beauty, fresh seafood at every corner, and dogs dancing on the beaches like they’re truly having the time of their life, everyday and all day. I thank this beautiful country for opening my eyes to such artistry, perfection, and the people of Philippines for being the kindest, sweetest souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Here is a collage of some snapshots I took on my voyage.

Left to right, top to bottom:

1. Manila

2. Mount Pinatubo

3. Palawan: Venturing from El Nido to Coron via Tao Expeditions.

Serbert skies.

Greetings from Philippines! Best trip of my life.

You don’t need a filter when it comes to perfection. 3 shots, 1 sunset. 3 letters, 1 word: WOW.

Bardot by Miss Olivia.

After subtly mentioning (numerous times) how obsessed I am with Charmaine Olivia, I recently received this beautiful print as a gift from my boyfriend and cannot wait to find the perfect frame and hang it up. The detail, colour, and line work is exquisite, and if you have yet not heard of Charmaine Olivia then you should most definitely check her out. A California-based goddess who’s art is truly one of a kind.

Prints, oh baby!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a local infant apparel line, Ollie Jones. They were in need of some trendy baby prints that would appeal to the mommy just as much as her baby. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the prints I’ve created!

UPDATE: Looks like the prints have been a HUGE hit – you can now find these leggings in Paris, Australia, New Jersey and Parkdale! Congrats Ollie Jones!

Blackfish – my passionate thoughts.

My dream has always been to swim with dolphins and orcas in the wild. IN THE WILD. I cannot begin to describe how my heart breaks at the very thought of these poor creatures being captured and taken away from their families to live in a bathtub for 25 years. How can Seaworld or any other money hungry organization do this to a species that has such close family ties, how can they take away their newborn babies and listen to the mother cry out for days as she hides in the corner of her ‘bathtub’ home. Please people, take an hour out of your lives and watch this documentary, it may open your eyes to sea-zoos or any zoo for that matter. I refuse to support zoos and feed these money-hungry people. Hopefully one day they will stop capturing these creatures… Until then I will keep on preaching.

Oh Christmas Tree…

After weeks of preparation, today was our Bluenotes Holiday ’13 photoshoot. Held at Horton Tree Farms just north of Toronto, I wanted to embody the tradition of Christmas: cutting down that perfect tree, visiting that warm and cozy family cabin, hanging out in sweats+sweaters drinking hot coco. We once again shot with Crista Renee (who pretty much guarantees a fabulous shoot), and worked with my dear friends Julia & Julia for hair & make-up. With a snow-making machine and old-school pickup truck in tow, looks like this shoot will be a snowy success! (yes, snowy success…).

Hohoho 2013 with Bluenotes

Concept & art direction of Holiday 2013 photoshoot & concept and creative execution of campaign.
Photography by: Christa Renee
Location: Horton Tree Farms, north of Toronto
Concept: Our goal was to embody the tradition of Christmas: cutting down that perfect tree, visiting that warm and cozy family cabin, drinking hot chocolate by the fire – and evoke the heart-warming feeling that one normally experiences around the holidays. In doing so, we were assured our relatability would draw the holiday shopper into our store.

Window display design.




Bluenotes in partnership with Kids Help Phone: Gift box


If there was a shoe heaven, this would be it.

I recently had a chance to visit the Christian Louboutin exhibit at The Design Exchange. It was a whimsical wonderland carnival theme with shoes sitting on brightly lit merry-go-round swings and standing on pedestals surrounded by ornamentally trimmed shrubs. It was a sight to be seen and my shoe dream turned reality. Oh Mr. Louboutin, how magical you are.

Spotted: My art on a streetcar.

On my way to work this morning. Concept and design by yours truly. Love this campaign.

Oh Canada!

I love the city, but as much as I love the city I also love nature, the outdoors, the tranquility that can only be found when the world around you is still. I try to get away from the chaos the city brings on many summer weekends, so here for you are my iPhone snapshots of some of those weeekend trips.

Left to right, top to bottom.

1. Somewhere around Crystal Beach, ON.

2. Elmvale, ON. On the way to Beckwith Island.

3. Cayuga, ON. Cayuga Racetrack (ok, maybe not so tranquil with all the motors running, but it’s still a beautiful shot).

4. Beckwith Island, ON.

The Perfect Pair: Bluenotes 2013

Concept & art direction of Fall 2013 photoshoot & concept and creative execution of campaign.

Photography by: Christa Renee
Location: The Burroughes, Toronto
Concept: “Class Act”. Taking it back to the school of basics: hues of deep reds, dark blues and washed out white brick. Our goal was to embody the traditional school spirit and put a strong focus on our yearly best seller – the blue jean. Following the initial fall launch, we wanted to transition the campaign from a strong school focus to an after-school, high-energy affair.

Window display design.


Window clings.


Out of home advertising: National


Online lookbook.

Anything for you, my Vivi!

Recently I was blessed with my very first EVER niece! My beautiful sister and her husband had their first baby girl. So OF COURSE, being the creatively talented and super obsessed-with-her-new-niece that I am, I had to design and decorate the baby room.

From white walls to this in a day and a couple of shopping trips.

Back to school shoot: happening NOW!

We’re shooting our Bluenotes back to school shoot today at The Burroughes in Toronto. Beautiful brickwork+wooden floors+great rooftop overlooking the city – perfect recipe for amazing results. Stay tuned for the finished product!

Lights, flashing: NYC for the day.

Today the Director of Marketing and myself are in NYC, exploring stores and collecting inspiration for window designs, in-store marketing and merchandising.

Not bad for a work day!