Femiman: the 3rd gender

Please welcome the newest trend to hit the streets, and the runways, the femiman. Guys wearing full length skirts in London, girls shopping in the mens section in the everywhere. Heck – even Just Bieber wear ladies denim.

Jean Paul Gaultier & Marc Jacobs both featured this exquisitely beautiful and new-faced model Andrej Pejic (featured blonde in my collage), in their recent runway shows/campaigns. By the way, if your still trying to figure it out, it is a male – although many females would probably pay for that face.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Although I’m all about equal rights, I don’t know if having a male modeling female garments is the way to go. They might not fit right, or… even worse, the clothes might look better on the femiman than on a female! Talk about an ego kill!

Baby baluga in the deep blue sea

And like I’ve always said, animals are the purest of pure souls – angelic in a way, no? Photographer Hiroya Minakuchi captured this beautiful creature blowing air from her mouth to create a current, and then blowing through her airhole into the current to form ring bubbles.

Ebay launches Fashion Outlet

eBay has opened its first virtual outlet mall in the US. Called Fashion Outlet, the mall will offer deals on new merchandise direct from more than 200 lifestyle brands and retailers including BCBG, Frye, Michael Kors, BCBG, Reeds Jewelers, Calvin Klein, FCUK, Timberland, L.A.M.B. and more.

Successful in both UK and Germany, the Fashion Outlet features a wide selection of women’s and men’s apparel, denim, shoes and handbags at prices that are 20% to 65% lower than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Shoppers can browse by store, by brand or by category from a growing roster of dedicated virtual storefronts.

“Outlets are the fastest-growing retail channel, and we’re excited to bring that shopping experience and value to our shoppers – anywhere, anytime, anyhow,” said eBay head of global fashion brand Miriam Lahage.

“The Fashion Outlet on eBay represents a new, innovative off-price sales channel for brands, retailers and designers to drive multi-channel distribution and incremental sales and engage a new audience by tapping into our community of dedicated shopping enthusiasts.”

I’m intrigued.


Presenting the new West49 gift card!

The latest look for the West49 gift card! Vendor imagery + diagonal lines = clean design done by yours truly.

Forever 21 shirt strikes controversy

I stumbled upon an angry article about this Forever 21 tee, and I wanted to share my opinion with you. The shirt reads ‘Allergic to Algebra’, and it has gotten some rage because people feel it degrades school and the general decline of female interest in education. Forever 21 has since removed this shirt from their website.

Although I can see where the rage is coming from, I don’t agree with it. Its a t-shirt with a slightly edgy slogan, and that’s it. The customer will buy it not only for the message, but for the colour and graphics, and she will wear it not because she hates education, but because she wants to look a tad more rebellious than the next girl.

Ease up everybody, its not as if she’s deathly allergic to school in the entirety! It could be a slight allergy and its just one subject!

Guru Clothing

Guru Clothing fall ’11 tradeshow flyer promoting spring ’11 line.

Concept & creative execution.



Legends of Skate

Cash desk feature imagery for all West49 store locations.

Concept and creative execution.

Store cash-desk.

Gear for a Year

Window clings featured in all Billabong Canada store windows.

Concept and creative execution.

Design for Humanity

Design for a staff incentive program for Billabong employees.

Concept and creative execution.

Hourly employee poster.

Manager poster.

Motocross x West49

West49’s motocross ad published in the March ’11 issue of MXP MAGAZINE.

Published ad.

Primary concepts.

OTW Rebranding

A private label Off the Wall brand targeting a 13-20 year old female demographic, consisting of basics, fashion basics and a fleece program.

Logo design.

Ladies fall’09 hangtag design.

Ladies spring’10 hangtag design.

Guys spring’10 hangtag design.

Ladies fall’10 hangtag design.

Guys fall’10 hangtag design.

Label design.

Last Daze of Summer

Concept and creative execution of campaign.

Photography by: Regina Garcia
Location: Toronto, ON
Concept: “Last Daze of Summer”. Although a majority of retailers put a strong focus on back to school, we wanted to embody the last of summer, the last night, the last house party, the last reckless abandon before responsibility begins.

Window display design.

Store windows.

Window posters.

Window clings.

Denim section display.

Locker handout & bag stuffer.

front page | ladies back page | guys back page

Fall ad published in the August 2010 issue of Verve Girl.

Homepage design.

Ladies product page design.

Blog page design.

Brands page design.


Digital marketing.

Commercial aired on MTV & MuchMusic during back to school period.

Musique tees

Concepts & creative execution.

1. Musique by OTW
Retro boombox with Off The Wall branding in the speakers.

2. Mixtape by OTW
Mixtape with Off The Wall branding in the reel & text line.

3. Music is Love by Song
Headphones with text.

4. Peace to the Music by Song
Peace sign made out of music notes.

Typography tees

Concepts & creative execution.

1. Bitch by Psycho(sis)
No. 1 seller entire 2009 season.

2. Just Dance by Song
Dance synonyms. Text cut out of an image of a couple dancing.

3. Love me by Song
Text on brick wall in a heart shape.

4. Love by Song
Love in the form of ‘I Heart NY’.

5. Fashion is Suicide by Psycho(sis)
Sad but true. Rest in Peace Alexander McQueen.

Nature tees

Concepts & creative execution.

Peace to the Birds by Song
Peace sign created from bird silhouettes. 2. Navajo Feathers by Song
Discharged soft navajo feathers. 3. Flora by Song
Watercoloured layers of flowers. 4. Free Spirit by Song
Three soft cascading feathers. 5. Bamboo Peace by Song
Bamboo parched behind outlines of birds. 6. Tree of Flowers by Song
Ascending garden of flowers. 7. Peacock Feather by Song
Discharge print of a single peacock feather.

Hotness editorials

Hotness ad published in the June ’10 issue of Launchpad.

Hotness ad published in the July ’10 issue of Launchpad.

Song Branding

A private label Off the Wall brand targeting a 16-24 year old female demographic, consisting of fashion forward, unique and trendy pieces.

Logo design.

Spring hangtag design.

Fall hangtag design.

Label design.

Psycho(sis) Branding

A private label Off the Wall brand targeting a 11-15 year old female demographic, consisting of edgy, unique and not-so-mainstream graphic tees.

Logo design.

Hangtag design.

Feel good tees

Concepts & creative execution.

1. No. 1 Class Pup by Song
T-shirt was featured in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on Alice Cullen. 
2. Summer Lovin’ by Song
Sketch of icecream cone.
3. Nerds by Psycho(sis)
Scribble sketch with text.
4. Truly Delicious by Song
Fun & flirty strawberry tee.
5. Adopt Me by Song
Irresistable rock’n’roll puppy tee.

6. Whistler Circa ’67 by Psycho(sis)
Some things never change.

Vibrant editorial ads

Vibrant auto part ad published throught the 2010 year in issue of Performance Business, Modified, Performance Auto & Sound, D-Sport, FSC, S3 Mag AND Import Tuner.

Published ad.

Primary concepts.

3D with Bench

Concept and creative execution of campaign.

Photography by: Posters/ads: Bench Imagery. Online lookbook: Regina Garcia
Lookbook location: Toronto, ON
Concept: With 3D movies and animation hitting big screens everywhere, we thought why not be the first retailer to create a 3D campaign. With a ‘gift with purchase’ pair of sunglasses given out at store level, customers were given the ability to interact within all of our channels, from store windows, editorial to digital.

Best viewed with 3D glasses.

Window display design.

Window posters.

Ad published in the October 2010 issue of Verve Girl.




Love Day tees

1. The Mixtape of Love by Song
Oldschool mixtape with a touch of gold foil.

2. Lipstick Love by Song
For the love of lipstick retro tee.

3. Make Love Not War by Song
Play on YSL tees with an altered message.

4. Hugs & Kisses by Song
Mini Mouse inspired.


6. Hugs & Kisses Deux by Song
1920’s lady brings us a vintage style tee.

7. Paris Bonjour by Song
Who doesn’t want to wake up in Paris?

Kamisori shears

Kamisori ad published in the December ’09 issue of American Salon.
Kamisori ad published in the November ’08 issue of Launchpad.

Kamisori ad published in the October ’09 issue (breast cancer month) of Launchpad.

Kamisori ad published in the October ’09 issue (breast cancer month) of American Salon.